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From the Blog of the Canada Council

Consultations now underway

by Robert Sirman

The Council is launching the first of a series of discipline-based consultations this spring as the next phase of its review of operating grant programs. The review formally began in October 2011 in response to growing pressures to ensure Council’s programs stayed in step with the massive changes – demographic, technological, economic – taking place at the community level.

Operating grants make up almost two-thirds of the Council’s granting budget, and have long played a critical role in building and sustaining artistic practice in Canada. The sector is growing much faster than our resource base, however, and the Council is anxious to ensure its granting investments remain as relevant as possible and have the greatest impact.

To date, the operating grant review has been internal and multi-disciplinary in nature. Information and experience have been pooled together and analyzed over many months in one- and two-day retreats involving all staff engaged in operating grant programs. It is now time to expand the discussion and introduce staged consultations with individual disciplines.

To support these consultations the Council has prepared a summary of the major themes and findings that surfaced in the internal phase of the review. It is brief – six pages – and intended as a backgrounder, not a policy statement. The document is available on the Council’s web-site here.

As noted in the backgrounder, the Council’s review of operating grant programs is a multi-year iterative process, and we know that both the review and any program changes that result will take several years for full implementation. Change, however, is a certainty, and I encourage anyone interested in contributing to the process to start by reading the backgrounder.

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