Story Arcade Speaker Series Reigniting the Fire for Your Craft

Here is something that may be of interest to our members:

In Toronto, Ontario on Tuesday, 12 Feb 2013 and it is apparently free but limited seating. 26 left when I checked.

“There comes a moment for many Creatives [e.g., Storytellers] when we realize that what once was our artistic passion has now simply become work without feeling or fire.   In this transition from starving for our art to being well-paid to produce, the flame that kept us up at night working on our craft purely for the joy of it is occasionally extinguished.   We wonder whether the passion that once existed for our work still exists…” Tara

Tara McMullen is a Toronto-based wedding and portrait photographer who, since entering the photography world in 2008, has shot more than 150 weddings in Canada, the US, and Europe. Tara’s background as an ex-PhD candidate in Sociology has led her to approach her work with an eye to the subtleties of human interactions and the moments-between-moments that happen when no one else is looking.[from the Website]

More about Story Arcade:
Our Mission: This is not another lecture series. There isn’t anyone behind a lectern. There aren’t topics supported by statistics. There may not even be any visual material at all. This series is about individuals from across the creative spectrum coming together to tell their personal stories as a way to spread ideas, develop relationships, and to inspire. We believe in the power that personal experiences have to teach us to become better at what we do. (from the Website)

Maybe there is opportunity for Storytellers to be part of this series….

Food for thought.


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